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What are Life Groups?  Life Groups are small groups that come together regularly with the goal of transforming their lives to become more and more like Jesus.  Life Groups are where we live out all that Grace is about in relationship with others. This is where we love God, love others and change the world.  It is in Life Groups where disciples are made—disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

How do I join a Life Group?  It is simple! To register, visit www.gracegnv.org/lifegroups or the Grace App under ‘Connect’. Paper registration forms are available at the Life Groups kiosk.

What are we studying during the fall Life Group launch?   On October 1st, we will begin a 5-week message series called Messy: Loving Others Isn’t Easy. We would like to connect the entire church family in Life Groups to meet weekly during the 5-week series to study the scriptures together using the Discovery Bible Study method.

Where do Life Groups meet?  We believe that Life Groups develop best in the home setting. Conversations occur naturally around the kitchen table or sitting in a living room.  We realize that there are seasons of life when this may be difficult. There will be some groups meeting on the Grace campus.

I/we have children. What happens with the children? Groups that are meeting in homes will determine needs and make childcare arrangements.  Groups that are meeting on the Grace campus on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings will have childcare at Grace.

What happens at the end of the Messy Series?  After we finish the October series, Life Groups will continue to meet and each group will determine their next study and the best rhythm for their group meetings, with most groups meeting twice per month.  It is our hope that groups will meet for 9-12 months, possibly longer.

Register for a Life Group by using the button below. For more info, contact lifegroups@gracefl.org