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A mid-week encouragement

Fully Known and I Am Loved

Yesterday while listening to the radio on my drive home, I heard a song I have listened to many times.  Yet, this time the words ran through my mind for the next twenty minutes.  I had just prayed for a word for today’s Whisper. So I took the “cue” and listened further. As I was thinking of the lyrics, I heard the announcer say she had had a particular scripture on her mind…all day. So I began to think of the how the song had touched my heart and the scripture had moved her.  I put the two thoughts together and truly felt God

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We ARE The Church

How do you answer someone who is having issues with the church?  First of all, listen.  Sometimes, people just need to be heard. Then we prayerfully come forward to help the person with their issue, without fueling the fire. Actually, it would be quite unusual if there were no issues within the church.  We all are unique and we all have the right to speak and to express our feelings.  My point here, do it all in love. But let us never forget, the Church is more than just a building and definitely more than the pastor and staff.  Plain and simple, WE ARE

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God Does Speak in the Desert…Are you Listening?

How many times, in our lives as parents, do we speak to our children and do not receive a response?  If we are to be honest, we know it is often more times than we would like to admit.  Only fair for me to take this a step further; if you don’t have children does your spouse always answer you when you speak when you feel the need to be heard? God is no different.  He is our God.  He is our true Parent. When He speaks, He also hopes to receive a response.  Yet He never gets angry or impatient with us. 

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Blessed and Highly Favored, Did You Know?

As we begin to read the book of Luke and the account of the birth of Jesus; there are a few characters who enter before the “big” story unfolds. Luke narrates the amazing story of the birth of Jesus, his infancy and is told from the point of the Virgin Mary. The initial story begins with Zechariah, Elizabeth, the birth of John the Baptist, oh yes, and an angel. It is important to acknowledge the importance of each person involved. The reason?  Each person plays an important part in the special event about to happen in the life of Mary. I do hope you

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168 Hours

Last week I must have watched Polar Express, at the very least fifteen times.  Babysitting for a 9, 3 and 4-year-old sometimes becomes a repetitious act of love.  By saying that, I mean we often sacrifice our own peace of mind as we intentionally follow their desires.  Yet what is sweeter than having a grandchild sitting on your lap?  Even if it means sacrificing our time which could be reading a good book, doing laundry, making beds, preparing meals for them or even settling their fussy little arguments. Then in the midst of the activities let’s throw in a trip to the Emergency Room

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He Restores My Soul (Psalm 23)

This past weekend we attended a homecoming for the son of my “adopted sister” in Brevard County.  As the pastor delivered the eulogy, he made reference to the 23rd Psalm.  His point was this:  Focus on the Lord as He restores our souls during these times of grief and loss.  As the family mourns he emphasized; lean on the Lord, for He is the One who restores our souls. God is our caretaker and watches over each of us.  He repairs what is broken in our lives. He knows we can’t do it. Restoration involves reflection.  Reflection is done with deliberation.  This happens when

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