New Release: “Resurrection Song”

Grace Church Worship
Words and Music: Josh Wicker and Jeremy Vincent 

Copyright: Red Tie Music | Songs of Grace

Resurrection Song was written with a friend and fellow worship leader, Jeremy Vincent. We wanted to write a song that would encourage people with the message of the resurrection and point the listener to the main point of the song that God is for us. I pray it is a blessing to you today as you listen.

The resurrection changes everything! It means Jesus has power over life and death and that makes him God. It means his promises are trustworthy. It means there is much more to life than living for today. It means that our questions don’t all have to be answered before we can start a relationship with God.

No one and nothing in over 2,000 years has been able to stop the movement Christ initiated at his resurrection. His resurrection was the genesis of a new kingdom; the big bang of the Kingdom of God! And nothing and no one can stop it.

Rome couldn’t stop it. Jewish religious leaders couldn’t silence it. Nero couldn’t stamp it out. The rise of church to political dominance couldn’t dilute it. The dark ages couldn’t smother it. Fatalism couldn’t extinguish it. Nazism couldn’t defeat it. Communism couldn’t do away with it. Atheism has never come close to killing it. Capitalism can’t replace it. Humanism can’t substitute it. Modernism couldn’t disprove it. Postmodernism can’t ignore it and Satan in all his efforts throughout the ages will one day burn forever separated from it. That is powerful evidence for a living Christ who is living inside you today.

Resurrection Song MP3

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“Love Came Down (One Christmas Night)”

Grace Church Worship
Written by Josh Wicker and Christina Rossetti 
Red Tie Music. Copyright December 2011.

A few Decembers ago my former Pastor, David Grout, introduced me to an old hymn called Love Came Down at Christmas, by Christna Rossetti. It was originally written as a poem in 1885 and eventually it was set to music and published in several hymnals.

It was a Tuesday morning when he asked me if I had ever heard the song. I sat down that afternoon and was moved as I experienced the crafting of this song from the inspiration of that old hymn.

An hour or so later my wife came by the church to pick up our daughter from preschool. I was excited to show her what I had come up with. As I played it for her I remember hardly being able to get through the song. It just felt so special. It felt like a gift. Immediately she loved it so I recorded it with my cell phone before I could forget the melody.

The next evening at our midweek band practice I showed it to our worship team. We played it for the first time that Sunday. It seemed to find its’ way into everyone’s hearts that day, and our pastor asked us to play it again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

That was December 2011. This year we decided to include Love Came Down (One Christmas Night) as a Christmas Single for Grace Church. Download your free copy below!

Love Came Down (One Christmas Night) MP3

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“Shepherd of My Soul”

Grace Church Worship
Written by Josh Wicker and Dorothy A. Thrupp
Red Jacket Drive Music. Copyright July 2016.

In Psalm 23 David does a masterful job of helping the reader understand the nature and character of God by comparing Him to a shepherd. The relationship between a shepherd and his flock may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of God in the 21st century and yet David was able to capture in this Psalm the universal human needs we can all relate too. Things like security, trust, care and love are not only the workings of a good shepherd they are are also our deepest desires.

I once heard a friend say, a good shepherd smells like his sheep because he is always with them. And that was David’s point in Psalm 23, no matter what God is always with you. As I was writing Shepherd of My Soul there was this call within me to worship God for who He is and what He has done. It’s my prayer that you find these lyrics to be the song your heart was already singing and that the truth that is greater than you lifts your eyes to the One who is always with you.

Shepherd of My Soul MP3

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