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Worship Dance will begin Monday, August 20th.  We will follow the public school schedule for holidays and breaks.


Pre-K 3-4 year olds (must be potty trained)
Mondays 5p-5:45p (Worship Center)

K-3rd Grade

Mondays 6p-7p (Worship Center)

4th Grade – Middle School

Mondays 7p-8p (Worship Center)

Class Attire:

Comfortable play clothes.  No dresses please as we will be stretching and want even the little ones to remain modest and covered.  We will dance barefoot.

K-3rd Grade and 4th Grade – Middle School
Hair must be pulled back in a pony tail, braid or bun.
Dancers are asked to wear bike shorts or leggins with a t-shirt.
Worship Dance t-shirts will be available for purchase but are not required.
We will dance barefoot.  Please bring socks to each class for practicing turns.

Performance attire

Pre-K will need pink footless tights.
All other dancers will need pink footless tights and a longsleeved white leotard.  We will try to recycle as many white leotards as possible so you may want to wait to purchase if you do not have a leotard that currently fits.

Bible Study

We will have a short devotional each week and may include scriptrue memorization as well.

Class Structure

Classes will incorporate technique, strength training and choreography.
Dances will be presented during church services throughout the year.


Contact larat1@cox.net



At Kid Possible, children in Kindergarten – 5th grade learn that it’s possible to connect with Christ through all things.
Dates: Sept 19th. – Nov. 14th | Time: 6:30-7:45pm



The purpose of Partners in Ministry (PIM) is to go beyond  traditional “church membership”. We want to demonstrate what it is like to partner together as fully involved, disciple-making followers of Christ. In the context of a small, interactive group, we will learn, pray, and worship together. We will help each other discover the unique gifts, passions and abilities that God has equipped us with and how to best utilize our gifts in His service. Partners in Ministry will conclude with a time of commitment and vows. Childcare is available.



Grace and SIRA will be providing Family Integrity Training during Wednesday night classes. FIT programing provides Biblically based, and relational life skills training to equip and support families in all walks of life. Grief and Loss and Parenting classes will be offered and childcare will be provided. If you are interested in joining a class as a participant or mentor, or would like to learn more about FIT, please contact info@siragainesville.com or call (352) 377-4947. Please register by Sept. 5th to guarantee a spot!