God Does Speak in the Desert…Are you Listening?

How many times, in our lives as parents, do we speak to our children and do not receive a response?  If we are to be honest, we know it is often more times than we would like to admit.  Only fair for me to take this a step further; if you don’t have children does your spouse always answer you when you speak when you feel the need to be heard?

God is no different.  He is our God.  He is our true Parent. When He speaks, He also hopes to receive a response.  Yet He never gets angry or impatient with us.  He waits.

Some of you will be shaking your head about now, or thinking out loud saying, “How can I wait in an impatient world?”  We are certainly in a time where the pace is moving quickly. I like to think the pace seems to have quickened because we are closer to the return of Jesus.

Many of us may be saying, “the older I get, though I admit I have slowed down, everything around me is traveling at the speed of light!”  Zoom! Yesterday, I was healthy and chasing my kids.  Today, there are times I can hardly move.  What happened between then and now?  Doesn’t it often seem like such a blur?

Last week I spoke about being in a desert.  Thank you for the many responses I received!  You will never know how much they helped.  Today I am thinking back to 7 days ago and realized, because of all of you…I am not alone in this desert.  Many of you expressed you have been or are currently in a spiritual dry season, different circumstance, but same desert.

I became overwhelmed while reading some of your responses, I realized not one of us ever expected to be where we are…trudging through a dry parched land. We can be surrounded by a cloud of people and never realize what someone is going through.  Being thirsty for a beverage is one thing, being thirsty in our soul is another.

How did we get here?  We arrived into this space in time when our hearts are not being nourished.  The blame most often falls on us.  But often the “unexpected” shows up and we lose our focus on that which keeps us nourished.  It seems to happen so quickly…but often times we are knee deep in the desert sand. Then, before we know it we are sinking in up to our neck.

The “unexpected” may be health issues.  The loss of a loved one.  A sudden shift in our lives which causes us to lose focus. Most often, I don’t even realize I am spiraling downward. It often takes the unexpected to be sitting at my doorstep, before I ask myself, WHERE AM I?  Why am I here?

Now here is how “God whispered” to me this past week.  I failed to remember that I had ordered a book entitled “Unexpected” by Christine Caine.  While reading the first couple of chapters…I realized this “gift” arrived just in time, no accident: though I had forgotten I had ordered the book a few weeks before.  Written under the title of the book, in small print, “Leave Fear behind.  Move forward in faith. Embrace the Adventure.”   Just exactly what I needed to hear.

Have I left my desert, not completely?  There is Hope!  I am working, doing my part, with God’s help to embrace the adventure.  God certainly did not bring me to this point in my life to leave me.  How can I say that? Because I know He loves me.

I had stopped.  I became stagnant in my spiritual life.  But God has been waiting in the wings ready to move me forward…slowly, step by step.  Never forget the visual picture of the one set of footprints in the sand…the feet of Jesus.  Only one set of footprints because there are times in all of our lives, He carries us.

I could go on and on today with my thoughts…but will save them for next week as I pray we can journey through the “Unexpected” times of our lives, together.

Wednesday Whisper:  Think about this: “What if the unexpected shocks, stressors, and uncertainties in life lost their power to surprise us? What if, instead, we learned to anticipate them, and use them as an opportunity to experience more of the goodness of God?” (Christine Caine)
And Pastor Rick shared this golden tidbit, “No matter what we go through or how we are feeling, He never let’s go, but is in fact steering the ship.”