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What are Life Tables? Life Tables are small groups that gather, share a simple meal, and connect with others through their life stories. Life Tables will be held during the summer months—June, July and August. During these months, each Life Table will meet at least 3 times (once per month). However, do not let that number hold you back. Meet as often as you are able!

How do I join a Life Table? It is simple! Fill out the online registration or the form in the Worship Bulletin. People who register will be placed into groups of approximately 8 adults (families stay together). Each Life Table will be led by a host. Please register by May 21st.

What does a Life Table host do? Being a host is really quite easy! A Life Table host is the point person for the group and opens their home for the first gathering. The host contacts the group members to select the date, time and food sign-up for the first gathering. Plans for future dinners are scheduled during your first night together.

Will there be separate Life Tables for singles and couples? Our intent is to mix everyone together. The mystery is part of the fun and excitement of Life Tables!

Sounds really good so far, but who cooks the meals? Everyone! We think potluck dinners are the way to go. The group can also pick their favorite restaurant or head to the park for a picnic. Possibilities are endless!

I/we have children. What happens with them? You may want/need to have your children join you, or you may decide this is perfect for a date night. Please be sure to indicate on the registration form if you are open to including children in the group. Note: the church will not be providing childcare for this ministry.

I am part of a Life Group. Does my group stop meeting during this season? Some Life Groups may change their meeting schedule during summer months. Others may decide to continue meeting regularly as a Life Group during the summer, but want to also take advantage of this opportunity to connect and meet some new folks at Grace in a Life Table. Everyone is welcome to join a Life Table!

What happens at the end of the summer? Hopefully, you will develop long-lasting relationships with a new set of folks. We will launch into a new season of Life Groups in the fall and you will be hearing more about that in the coming months. You may find that relationships formed during Life Tables will naturally flow into a Life Group setting!